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T4 Motion Poster - The End Begins?

Friday, 19 December 2008

Sony Pictures have released an interesting teaser poster for the new Terminator film, which will star Christian Bale and is due out next May. Entitled 'Terminator Salvation', the movie takes place in 2018, when John Connor has organised the resistance, but before the T800 Terminator cyborg has been sent back in time to 1984, when the first terminator film kicked off. It seems Bale has signed up for four movies, so there is plenty left in the tank for the franchise.

The poster proclaims 'The End Begins', and the mysterious strapline works on two levels - firstly the usual wordplay associated with the time-travelling plot, but secondly, a sly nod to the new format, which Sony are calling the 'motion poster'. Its basically a Flash movie, but the portrait format and the layout look and work like a traditional poster - with the added coolness of an animated transition between two different visual states. Its not the end of the poster, but its the beginning of a new way to sell movies. See for yourself and make of it what you will...