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Departure Lounge - Industry Night

Friday, 5 June 2009

Telford's HND Graphics Year 2 recently hosted their 'Industry Night'- an annual event, brillliantly organised by my fellow Design Team lecturer Helena Good - where the students showcase their final projects to an invited group of Designers, Producers and Creative Directors from the leading Design Agencies in Edinburgh.

This year it has been augmented by our 'Mentoring Programme' - where each student is assigned a Mentor from the industry, who advises on their work, issues various briefs, and provides feedback and direction at regular intervals during the course. It's been a great success, and a recent HMIe inspection of the Department found it to be innovative and original. Edinburgh's DRUM Magazine also did an interesting article on it, which you can read here. I see it as a tremendous boost to the confidence of the students as they plan, prepare and display their final projects to the very people who will hopefully hire them.

This year the theme was 'Departure Lounge' - itself one of the final project briefs.

The venue was the Out of the Blue Drillhall - a great multi-arts venue based in Leith, which is committed to providing space for a range of community arts activities such as exhibitions and special events. I'm looking forward to the 2010 show already.

Watch a video clip from the evening: