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i - the Saviour of the Newspaper?

Friday, 20 November 2009

These are tough times for newspapers. We all expect content to be free, and circulations have been hit hard by web-based delivery. OK so Adobe's Times Reader 2.0 is a great innovation, but it does add another nail in the print-only coffin.

But now there is a new daily publication in Portugal, simply titled i which is attempting to win back the initiative and reinvent the newspaper. Launched in May, it has already won a design award from the Society of News Design, and has impressive circulation figures to back up its daring ideas.

i is not structured like a traditional paper. They have come up with a new way to organise the product.

One idea seems to have been to throw out the traditional way of presenting content in sections. This in effect makes the newspaper into a magazine - and with a 56- to 64-page paper tabloid format that is stapled, its more like a Sunday supplement that a daily newspaper.

Rather than work from a template that would leave some pages fixed, i decided to customise each article based on its content. This obviously puts a huge emphasis on design. I guess it must be like producing a new magazine every day, rather than every week or month. Great news for creatives - more work and plenty of scope for inventive layouts.

In a way, by stripping down the structure and concentrating on content rather than filling up whole sections with worthless news, this newspaper is trying to deliver a visual experience, not just a purely informative one. And that's a description we were using just a few years ago about the web.

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