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Artur Pasiek's Alternative 2012

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


One of the most promising designers in our current crop of HND students is Polish designer Artur Pasiek. Artur has spent the last few weeks on work placement at Redpath, a leading Edinburgh-based agency, and the feedback we've received has been a sure indicator of his potential.

Artur's main strengths lie in an ability to take big ideas and strip them down with a real sense of stylistic heritage. The results show clarity, balance and commercial acumen.

A good example of this comes from his recent brief based around an alternative vision of the 2012 Olympics. Coincidentally, the brief was set by Redpath, and given the controversial nature of the actual 2012 corporate ID (designed by Wolf Ollins) this was a daunting task.

As you can see from the visuals, Artur delved back into the heyday of Olympic icon design, and has produced a very triumphal but universal set of visual ideas that echo some of the more memorable Olympic visual campaigns from the 197o's and early 1980's.

The overall impression is very sporty, modern and somewhat journalistic - a great mix for the largest sporting event on the planet.

Posters + Adshel

Posters + adshel

More of Artur's work can be viewed on his website.