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Probably the Best Job in the World

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The BBC only launched their customisable website last year, and are currently getting a grilling about the way they spend our money, but they still have the budget to hire Neville Brody's Research Studios to overhaul their digital output.

The collaboration will see a huge re-design of the BBC's online presence, which they are calling a 'Global Visual Language'. The brief is to take the organisation and its users into a more compelling digital space.

Brody has been tasked with re-inventing the typography, colour palette and iconography of the BBC's online branding.

The studio is currently in the process of consolidating all the work into a styleguide that can then be used across the whole range of BBC output - in effect a new set of branding guidelines.

On the Research Studio website, Brody called it 'probably the best job in the world ', and said that 'the core approach has been to find a simple, modern and compelling experience based around dramatic and scalable editorial concepts.'

Research Studios also posted up some brilliant examples of the work-in-progress, including typographic studies, colour wheel samples, layout ideas and an amazing array of vector icons. Check out some of the examples:

Program previews


Program previews

Sample palette

Research Studios BBC work-in-progress
BBC's New Global Language.