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Wells Wells Wells

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My HND Visual Communication class have been busy finishing and submitting their D&AD briefs for the 2010 Awards. The most popular brief has been a book cover project, to design a set of covers for five of H.G. Wells' novels.

The twist is that the titles aren't any of Wells' famous science fiction classics, instead, they comprise his lesser-known but equally entertaining 'social' novels. The titles include Kipps, Mr Polly, Love & Mr Lewisham, and Ann Veronica. These works were written between 1900 and about 1920, and all deal with Wells' key obsessions, the class system, destiny, and the control mechanisms of social order, in a non-fantastical way.

The key element of the brief was to find a solution which avoided all aspects of Victoriana in the visuals, and instead required that the covers work as a set of classic books with a contemporary presentation.

What's clear from the results shown here is how well the students have researched the sources, and how confidently they have approached the design problem. We have some great examples of type control, clever use of visual ideas that are purely contemporary but which tie in with the plot devices and themes of the books, and a disciplined approach to layout, consistency, and technical production.

Carolann Alexander:

Carolann Alexander

Amanda Gliddon:

Amanda Gliddon

Sean Kinnear:

Sean Kinnear

Tania Meiring:

Tania Meiring

Julie Fermor:

Julie Fermor