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Joyriding in Edinburgh

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Edinburgh's Embassy Gallery, an independent gallery based at the Roxy Art House, recently commissioned a piece of installation art for its 'Annuale Festival', and they got something extraordinary from Edinburgh College of Art graduate Jake Rusby.

Rusby's 'Joyriding' features a red BMW wedged on its side between the Roxy's sandstone wall and its wrought-iron railings.

Jake Rusby w/Joyriding.

'Joyriding' has attracted lots of attention from the local press and from the public, including a few reports to the Police by passersby suspecting it to be an act of vandalism, or an excellent attempt to thwart the city's parking attendants.

Rusby needed a crane to get the car in place, but I'm guessing he didn't need a valid tax disc.

Annuale Festival 2010
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