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Thinking is Work

Friday, 18 June 2010

Our D&AD In-Book Award winner Artur Pasiek picked up the 'Significant Achievement Award' for HND Graphic Design during the opening night of our Final Show last week at the Dovecot Gallery in Edinburgh.

But this year has been an exceptional one for Graphic Design, with a number of other superlative students.

A great example of this comes from Hannah Bloomfield, whose HND project 'Portobello Proms' received an A+ grading.

Hannah developed a campaign to rejuvenate the seaside resort of Portobello. Her solution mixed playful Victoriana with illustration, organic typography, and a range of carefully branded ephemera.

Everything was produced with industry-level digital skills, and the ideas were developed in three sketchbooks-worth of cuttings, notes and drawings, giving the finished work an effortless authenticity.

Proms Advert
Portobello Proms Advert (A4).

Portobello Proms Posters (A2).

Portobello Proms
Portobello Proms - full exhibit.

Hannah has reached a place where any course would want their graduating students to be at - on the cusp of professional readiness, with a great understanding of visual communication, confident technical skills and the ability to convert a concept into a clear, simple and workable solution.

This emphasis on solutions that fit the brief is at the centre of our HND delivery, because the course is emphatically vocational, and employers want designers who can give clients designs that work.

Our Year 2 students see this happening firsthand during their 4-week agency work placement, where they suddenly realise they aren't being paid to use Adobe CS4, they're being paid to come up with ideas. For a designer, thinking is work.

Hannah starts thinking for Edinburgh agency Multiply in July.