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Tschichold Jackets

Friday, 5 November 2010

Jan Tschichold's seminal text book 'Die Neu Typografie' (1923), exemplified the design approach which would become the key influence on the Swiss Style, as developed a couple of decades later by the likes of Karl Gerstner, Joseph Muller-Brockmann and Armin Hofmann.

Unfortunately, by that time, Tschichold had abandoned Modernism and the New Typography for the more lucrative mainstream as chief designer at Penguin, where he came up with their iconic paperback jackets.

I've included the Penguin edition of 'The Great Gatsby' here to show the shift in style from the New Typography - asymmetrical layouts, sans serif lowercase type - back to the more conservative symmetry and mixed typefaces of the mainstream.

'Fototek' 1930.

German Typographer's Trade Journal, 1925

Otto Manchen-Heflen 'Drittel Der Menschheit' 1932

'Flucht' Franchesco Nitti, 1930

Moholy-Nagy, 'Fotos', 1930

Constructivist Magazine 'XYZ', 1929
Cover Photo - of and by El Lizzitsky.

Asymmetric Typography, 1967

Helmut Wiskel, IG Deutschland, 1932

Constructivist Journal, 1937

F. Scott Fitzgerald 'The Great Gatsby', 1940s.

Jan Tschichold - Titan of Typography - article by critic Richard Hollis in the Guardian, 2010.