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Glasgow Film : Post-Portal Design

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

One of the top buzzwords of the original dot com era was 'portal' - an umbrella website providing hyperlinks to and aggregated content from a number of related organisations or sites.

In the intervening years, portals have become a basic fact of life on the web, and integrated content has become the key paradigm. But the central problem has always remained - how to combine and present so much content in one usable offering.

These days, stripped down integration is the way forward. This is because social networking is acting as the portal mechanisim. Designers are realising that websites can be more effective if they aggregate less, but more focussed, subject matter, and let social networking do the rest.

Here's a brilliant contemporary example from Glasgow agency Tictoc. They have designed the new Glasgow Film website, which promotes the city's cinemas, screenings and events, by merging three organisations - Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow Film Festival and the soon to be launched Cinema City - which promotes Glasgow's movie scene.

Glasgow Film

The site allows cinemaphiles to discuss, review and share ideas about films and events. It encourages users to share listings with friends, and watch trailers and read reviews before booking their tickets on the site. It also looks great with its minimal colour scheme, slanted rules and bold type.