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Friday, 3 December 2010

Edinburgh is under two feet of snow and college is closed all week - not ideal for me and a bit of a disaster for our students who were building up to their end-of-year review. So I have been looking for some inspiration to take into next week when classes will hopefully get back on schedule.

This five minute interview with Paula Scher does just fine. Scher, a partner at the Pentagram Agency in New York, is to the design world what Patti Smith is to rock music - a groundbreaking maverick who's been there and done it all, and who tells it like it is without losing sight of what is it should be.

Scher is most famous for her hand-written typography and unusual cartography, but during the 1970's she designed hundreds of record covers for CBS, most of which, she claims here, taught her 'what bad is, and how it got that way'.