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Nike Better World

Friday, 7 January 2011

Nike has just launched a new website for its latest sports shoe campaign. The Nike Better World website moves us further into the convergent future, where web and print design are becoming e increasingly indistinguisable, with amazing results.

Better World was created by the W+K Agency, recently named AdWeek's Agency of the Year for 2010. The site uses the very latest HTML5 and CSS3, plus a bit of jquery, to create a unique scrolling storyboard-style experience that blurs the boundaries between website, magazine and advertisment.

The design has caused a stir with its inventive layered scrolling, huge tracts of whitespace, a wide range of imported typefaces, and some awesome, witty copy.

What's also impressive is the way in which each section of the page works in a standalone manner, just like a doublepage spread in a magazine, and yet still provides the more gradual coherent reading experience we associate with webpages. And as you reach the end of the page, you are informed of the screen distance you have just scrolled down through - some 14,000px.

It's 2011 and the future of web design has arrived.