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Oxford Media Convention

Monday, 3 January 2011

Now in its ninth year, the Oxford Media Convention is an agenda-setting event for all concerned with the future of the UK's creative industries.

The theme this year is 'Convergence or Collision', and the supporting strapline defines the parameters as 'navigating the creative, commercial and regulatory challenges facing media over the next decade'.

A select group of speakers from senior government and the various media industries will debate the current and future challenges around domestic media policy, strategy and regulation.

The keynote speakers will be Ed Richards, CEO of Ofcom, Jeremy Hunt MP, the Secretary for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, and Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC.

Other talking include Richard Allan from Facebook, Tess Alps (CEO of Thinkbox), David Elms (Head of Media at KPMG), Richard Wilson of TIGA, Peter Sunde of Pirate Bay and flattr, Jon Snow from Channel 4 and David Levy of Reuters.

This event is well organised and will doubtless feature some interesting debate on topics such as freedom of information, copyright, privacy, legal infringement, and the political machinations of investment.

But let's hope that creative concerns such as ethical and social responsibility, education funding, and professional standards can be debated too. That would help to develop a definitive statement of intent by policy-makers and broadcasters as to how to ensure the future of the creative industries.

The Oxford Media Convention takes place at Said Business School, Oxford University on Jan 19th.