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On Screen Warning from Ofcom

Monday, 14 February 2011

Ofcom, the media regulatory body, have just revealed a new warning signal designed to alert viewers at the start and end of any programme which features product placement.

The new logotype is a monochrome double 'P' and will be mandatory across all UK broadcasting.

It will be shown for three seconds at the start and end of shows and after ad breaks.

The logo can be slightly adapted, within Ofcom guidelines, to enable use on light or dark backgrounds. It also has to meet a minimum size requirement, which will probably equate to a typical channel logo size. and can be placed in any corner of the screen.

Product placement will be allowed in most TV shows except children's programmes and news broadcasts.

This reminds me of the short-lived and completely ineffective red triangle which Channel Four introduced to indicate adult content, back in 1986. This looks a bit more functional.

'P' logo launch - MediaWeek.