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The Gridnik at the Design Museum

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Pic sourced from Creative Review.

London's Design Museum is currently running the first UK retrospective of legendary Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel, one of the giants of visual communication, and a devout modernist who anticipated and exploited the arrival of digital technologies during the 1960's and 1970's.

Crouwel's typography and signage (the whole transport system in Holland, for example) have had a huge influence on design since the 1960's.

Spanning more than half a century, the exhibition covers Crouwel’s prolific print output at the seminal design agency Total Design, and features a wealth of great examples of the clean and controlled style that made him so famous.

Crouwel was heavily influenced by Emil Ruder and Karl Gerstner, embracing and then extending the Swiss Style, and he popularised grid-based layouts, which earned him the enviable nickname 'Gridnik'. He also produced some cool typefaces, including Fodor, and the radical but influential New Alphabet -

Crouwel is a regular speaker at design events, and is a highly quoteable character, as this classic clip from Gary Hustwits's Helvetica (2007) shows -

The exhibition runs till July 3rd, and also features these excellent talks and events -

Working With Wim - 9th May
Rick Poynor on Graphic Design in the Netherlands - 23rd May
Pioneers of Industrial Culture with Wim Crouwel - 23rd June
PechaKucha X Wim Crouwel - July 1st.