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Modern Times

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Still on the subject of movies, a short filmed by a friend of mine Ben Craig was recently featured in The Hollywood Reporter as 'this year’s first hot short', and has subsequently had glowing reviews in the likes of Wired magazine and various film websites.

The Edinburgh-based film-maker 
is actually an Art Director at the Union Agency, and has made the cross-over from advertising to film with almost no budget, just a green screen studio, some willing friends, a lot of digital skill and of course a brilliant idea.

Modern Times pays homage to Kubrick's 2001 and latterly Duncan Jones' amazing 'Moon', but the sensibility is more cinematic advertising than sci-fi storytelling.

This thought-provoking short taps into the current zeitgeist of our era - the ever-increasing digitization of visual art forms - and how it threatens to deny generations of viewers access to the great analog works of 20th century cinema, photography and literature. The magic of cinema is celebrated in a futurist but entirely logical way.

Modern Times has generated interest from studios including Warner Bros, Fox and Paramount, and Ben has responded by releasing a behind-the-scenes clip documenting the making of the piece, which, despite revealing some CGI secrets, somehow manages to take nothing away from the impact of the actual film.