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Sticky Fingers and Squares

Thursday, 1 September 2011

From the huge offices of Montreuil, home to gaming giant Ubisoft to the business district of La Défense, and to the technology uarter of Issy-les-Moulineaux, a new war has broken out between Parisien office workers, and its being fought in full public glare.

This war is in fact a corporate collage contest known as 'La guerre des Post-it' (the Post-it wars). The battle is between disparate groups of bored, lazy and imaginative office workers who have all somehow stumbled upon a lunchtime game of sticking thousands of pink, yellow, orange and green post-it notes on their windows to create various pixelated images.

Apparently (and you couldn't make it up) workers from competing firms meet at lunchtime to compare their creations and plan exchanges. ether workers who would not otherwise have met.

And its in the aforementioned Ubisoft that office manager Emilie Cozette is credited with inventing the activity. The Guardian reports that his latest effort extends over three floors and contains upwards of 3,000 Post-it notes. Collage is enjoying a strange renaissance.