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On The Road Amplified Edition

Monday, 28 November 2011

On the Road Amplified Edition

The long-awaited movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road' is due out soon. So long in fact that, remarkably, the definitive document of the Beat Generation has gone from famous 120-foot scroll of typing paper to the very latest digital format, an iPad App, before finding its way onto the silver screen.

Penguin's 'amplified edition' has a great cover, awesome subject matter, and contains lots of interactive features detailing the book's story, the Kerouac mythology, and the associated American literati of the time. And of course the rest of Kerouac's canon is just a click away, with user-friendly 'one-stop access' to Penguin's catalogue.

Not the same as owning a battered copy of the novel, but nicely done, and a great project to be designing for. Let's just hope the film captures at least some of the magic of the book.

D&AD On Tour - Edinburgh

Sunday, 20 November 2011

D&AD will be celebrating their 50th year in 2012, and with their new project briefs hot off the presses, this is the time of year when the organisation tours the Universities and Colleges of the UK, spreading the word of its amazing Education Network, and delivering workshops, lectures and seminars to the creatives of the future.

D&AD is 50

These events are also a chance for tutors from the various institutions to meet and get talking about the issues of the day.

This year D&AD's education event was hosted by Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), where students and tutors from ECA, Edinburgh's Telford, Edinburgh Napier, Newcastle and Sunderalnd were present.

We took along a contingent of 20 HND students, and as well as a cool industry-led workshop, and a series of portfolio surgeries, they were treated to a great lecture by Jack Renwick, the former Creative Director at The Partners, the UK's leading Branding Agency. Jack has just set up her own, as yet un-named agency, and had all sorts of advice, insights and amusing anecdotes about the world of graphic design.

As well as showing some great samples of her innovative work at The Partners, she talked about the importance of team-work, nurturing client relationships, developing creative ambition, and having fun thinking for a living.

The tutor round-table meeting, chaired by D&AD's Head of Education Rhiannon James, featured Dave Ward from Realise, Edinburgh's leading digital agency, presenting 'Up-Grade' - an industry/education initiative piloted in collaboration with Edinburgh's Napier.

The project gave a class of undergraduate designers a six-week placement at the agency, shadowing key figures in the organisation and developing a short digital project with a virtual budget of 50K. Realise hope to roll out this model of employer engagement to other institutions.

Our HND Year 1 and 2 students will be assigned D&AD project briefs during the first week of January 2012.

Museum Lates

Saturday, 19 November 2011

My HND 2 class have just finished 'MyType' - a brief to attract twentysomethings to a aeries of late night exhibitions and happenings at the National Museum of Scotland (currently running as 'RBS Museum Lates').

Our group of industry mentors mentors were involved in art direction on these projects and provided lots of useful and constructive criticism during the design process.

Samples of kinetic type and interactive apps found their way into some of the solutions, and here are a few nice examples -

Who Killed Gill Sans?
Steven Brown - guerilla ad for 'Who Killed Gill Sans?'

Day/Night - Kat Rebacz
Kat Rebacz - A Day/Night of Type Adshel Posters

Xpresn - Jordan Porteous
Jordan Porteous - a night of xpresn

Fairground Type, Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr - Fairground Type

Nic Cameron; wordplay invite

18 Essential Design Quotes

Friday, 18 November 2011

Textwrap has undergone a few cosmetic changes, primarily to increase its responsiveness across various devices, but also to prepare for a full switch to html5 (which the hosting tool Blogger can't currently support). One casualty of this has been my sliding jquery quotes, so I thought they deserved a post of their own - eighteen essential design quotes by a selection of visual communication's true pioneers. In no particular order -

Less is more unless it's less. Then maybe more really is more.
Paula Scher.

Working in one typeface is like writing a novel with four words.
Stefan Sagmeister.

Why be inhibited by the edge of the page?
Neville Brody.

I work into the future with no preconceived direction.
Wolfgang Weingart.

Order was always wishful thinking for me.
Joseph Muller-Brockmann.

We need the machine because we have no time.
Wim Crouwel.

I'm astonished that things can still amaze me.
Milton Glaser.

Discipline and freedom are elements of equal weight.
Armin Hofmann.

The real meaning of form is made clearer by its opposite.
Jan Tschichold.

Enough of depicting - now it is time to build.

The Mac is just another kind of pencil.
April Greiman.

The creative process can be reduced to the art of selection.
Karl Gerstner.

Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement.
Jackson Pollock.

The line has almost become a work of art in itself.
Van Doesburg.

Everything starts from a dot.

Don't mistake legibility for communication.
David Carson.

What you see is what you see.
Frank Stella.

It's harder to be heard now with everyone talking at once.
Malcolm Garrett.

The Cola Wars

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Here is a fascinating infographic from Business Insurance Quotes, which depicts the timeline of the never-ending battle to lead the drinks market between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

The infographic, styled in a retro palette featuring both famous liveries, looks at the early years of the rivalry, the stock prices from 1977, various acquisitions of both companies, and plenty of useful branding comparisons. Statistics make great subject matter.

The Cola Wars
Source : Business Insurance Quotes