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18 Essential Design Quotes

Friday, 18 November 2011

Textwrap has undergone a few cosmetic changes, primarily to increase its responsiveness across various devices, but also to prepare for a full switch to html5 (which the hosting tool Blogger can't currently support). One casualty of this has been my sliding jquery quotes, so I thought they deserved a post of their own - eighteen essential design quotes by a selection of visual communication's true pioneers. In no particular order -

Less is more unless it's less. Then maybe more really is more.
Paula Scher.

Working in one typeface is like writing a novel with four words.
Stefan Sagmeister.

Why be inhibited by the edge of the page?
Neville Brody.

I work into the future with no preconceived direction.
Wolfgang Weingart.

Order was always wishful thinking for me.
Joseph Muller-Brockmann.

We need the machine because we have no time.
Wim Crouwel.

I'm astonished that things can still amaze me.
Milton Glaser.

Discipline and freedom are elements of equal weight.
Armin Hofmann.

The real meaning of form is made clearer by its opposite.
Jan Tschichold.

Enough of depicting - now it is time to build.

The Mac is just another kind of pencil.
April Greiman.

The creative process can be reduced to the art of selection.
Karl Gerstner.

Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement.
Jackson Pollock.

The line has almost become a work of art in itself.
Van Doesburg.

Everything starts from a dot.

Don't mistake legibility for communication.
David Carson.

What you see is what you see.
Frank Stella.

It's harder to be heard now with everyone talking at once.
Malcolm Garrett.