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Approaches to Experience

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Talking of Creative Exchange, the current exhibition running there is called 'Experience', and features work by HND Visual Communication - Interactive Design.  The show focusses purely on one project, the YCN Competition submission for 2014.

Solutions to 4 briefs are on exhibit - Morrisons, LTA, Dominos Pizza and Confused.com - and the underlying connection between them all is that the design of the user experience is the central way in which the problems within each brief is resolved. As one of the tutors on the course, its always difficult to be objective about the work, but the format for this exhibition certainly encourages the viewer to think differently about screen design and interactivity. Each project is displayed on a single A1 poster, where the students have arranged samples of the work to tell the story of the idea and how it solves the particular problem set by the client.

A great example of this is the work by Ricardo Alvarez, whose project showcases a combination of product design and interactive screen design for Morrisons. This project envisages a freestanding tablet console displaying running App that allows shoppers to quickly find, price and organise their imminent in-store experience. In fact, the App is actually a mobile-friendly website which you can access anywhere, and when you present your store card or log in at the console, your plan is downloaded and available to review, edit, share or submit to the checkout.

Another approach to this project comes from Jen Pearce, who produced a slick typographic-based video advert for her idea of 'Quick 'n' Click', that combines online and in-store shopping. Her A1 poster features nine storyboard screens from the video to illustrate the concept and communicate the narrative. You can check out the video advert on Jen's website.

Alan Sutherland chose the Confused.com brief and produced two short video clips and two vines to bring to life his concept of 'mixed messages',  a really contemporary promotional channel to push Confused.com's already virulent brand. The pair of media player clips mashed up well-known rock songs with lesser-known cover version videos to create a bizarre twist on the familiar.  The vines used clever anagrams of confused. In the one shown here, confused translates as 'co-eds fun', depicted as a vine featuring two scantily clad girls having a pillow fight.

Anna Beziuk opted for a more straightforward App design for the LTA brief, allowing the target audience to quickly search, propose, organise and share tennis matches in their local area. The bold colour palette and crisp typography gives the interface a really fresh post-flat design feel.  Anna also set up a nice HTML5 demo of the user experience, check it out here.

The opening night was last Friday, and as well as a big turnout across our various Vis Comm courses, the event attracted graduates and industry professionals from a variety of Edinburgh and Glasgow agencies, including Peach Digital, Eskimo, Whitespace, Mortonward, Primate and Interesting!  The show is on until March 28th, and you can find out  more at the Creative Exchange website.