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Never Mind The APR

Friday, 12 June 2015

Jamie Reid's work is graphic design that captured and mythologised a movement in popular culture. His record sleeves and posters for the Sex Pistols are something a design tutor can dine out on in terms of inspiring students, the sort of work that is genuinely original and fresh every time you look at it.  It encourages students to consider the politics and social machinations of their era, to experiment with collage, typography, mixed media, to generally take an original creative path, regardless of what is current, acceptable or even necessary. And to figure out what Letraset is.

So it was a bit depressing to see earlier this week that Virgin announced that their new 'Rebellion' credit cards, featuring the iconic Jamie Reid designs from the Sex Pistols' 'Never Mind The Bollocks' and 'Anarchy In The UK'.  A Sex Pistols Mastercard at 18.9% APR?  Bring a little bit of rebellion to your wallet?  Just choose the rate on each card.

The team responsible clearly had a great time coming up with the creative for this, and I'd be interested to see what research data they assembled and referred to in terms of target audience and so on. I guess they might think I'd be their ideal audience.

But before we all lose heart,  as a reminder about where the original designs came from and to contextualise their importance, here is a short clip about Suburban Press, the anarcho-situationist magazine Jamie Reid founded and worked on in the years leading up to the emergence of punk.